Mindful Mask Breathing

Health & Training Benefits of Nose Breathing

To mask, or not to mask? That is the question. If you care about other people other than yourself, the answer is pretty obvious. All over the West side of Los Angeles are hikers and joggers with bandannas and scarves wrapped around their necks or masks attached to the bottom of their chins. This signals to our fellow apes that we want to be viewed as someone who cares about other people but hasn’t actually made the change every epidemiologist says we need to embrace, yet. …

Smart Sustainable Fat-loss

How to Really Train to Get Lean

A nearly ubiquitous mistake in many fat-loss journeys

Cardio sucks for fat-loss. Yeah, I said it. The most ubiquitous way that most people try to lose weight is not even close to the best way. In fact, focusing on this modality alone is a huge part of why so many people yo-yo and never get lasting results. While aerobic exercise still remains the default cookie-cutter answer by many doctors give regarding starting an exercise regimen, this is sending most people down the wrong path.

Some can’t be blamed, they were educated long before studies demonstrating the efficacy of other modes. These…

YOUR Way Not THE Way

All Diets “Work” but Diets Don’t Work

What’s the best diet? It depends. All of them, none of them. I’ve seen them all work, but diets don’t work. I’m not trying to be an amateur Zen poet, the difficulty in being strait-forward with the question is that it makes a number of assumptions and frankly looks at nutrition the wrong way.

There’s no best diet. In spite of what the top-recommended article for me today boldly proclaims, science has not uncovered what is best. Science does not concern itself with such questions but that doesn’t stop people from writing headlines that would send Karl Popper, famed philosopher…

It’s Not What You Eat but WHEN You Eat that Really Matters

Syncing Intermittent Fasting with Circadian Rhythm

I, monks, do not eat a meal in the evening. Not eating a meal in the evening I, monks, am aware of good health and of being without illness and of buoyancy and strength and living in comfort. Come, do you too, monks, not eat a meal in the evening. Not eating a meal in the evening you too, monks, will be aware of good health and….. and living in comfort.

Photo by Mattia Faloretti on Unsplash

Fasting is obviously not a new thing. The quote above comes from the Buddha dates between the 5th and 4th centuries BCE. I mention that only to preface that…

Getting Results With Only Bodyweight Exercises

Quarantine Workouts

With shelter in place orders in effect all around the world and fitness equipment sold out or not shipping from many major suppliers, the biggest trend in fitness is working out from home. I’ve written in the past about why you should build a home gym and you probably wouldn’t be here if you’d read that. Don’t feel bad you’re in a comfortable majority. I’ve you’ve recently been displaced from the gym and have no access to equipment, don’t worry you can still make real gains with nothing but bodyweight exercises.

Next time someone tells you can’t get build muscle with bodyweight exercises..

Like you, I’ve also been scanning the internet and…

The Wide-Ranging Benefits of Building Muscle

…but your functional workout is a joke

It seems like with the rise of “functional” training the idea of gaining muscle or trying to look better became a silly idea, or at least one many people won’t cop to. What are your goals? You know, to be more functional. No, I don’t know. I’ve been a strength and conditioning specialist for over a decade and this trendy buzzword admittedly means nothing to me in that context.

Replacing the classic muscle-building moves was functional movement. Sorry for the dumb question but since when is building muscle not functional? I must have missed something. Are you losing weight? Are…

Old School Muscle Building

Build a Better You

One of the best places to go for new training ideas is the past. Trust me. It’s been done before and better. The more time I spend researching the means and methods of the past, the more I have come to realize that, try as we might, there is nothing new going on in fitness. If you think you’ve stumbled onto a new protocol the chances are you just haven’t read enough to cite its real inventor. We are simply getting into the game too late. …

Stop Wasting Time & Money on Supplements

Nothing Works if You Don’t

I keep having the same conversation with one of my long-time clients again and again. He has a job where he travels often and it seems to me must be reading fitness magazines or scrolling through his feeds while on long those flights. As a result, every time he lands and resumes training, he is convinced that he needs whatever supplement or product he saw on the flight home. That’s it. that’s the missing piece!! He thinks. How could I not have told him about this?! …

Disordered Eating in the Name of Health is Still an Eating Disorder

Building a Healthier Relationship With Food

The latest new diet that isn’t actually new at all is intermittent fasting. I know it just hit the Today show a few days ago, or so I’ve been told, but intermittent fasting is a nutrient timing technique that many in the fitness world have been using for quite some time. Going back even further humans living before times of abundance would have practiced intermittent fasting without even trying or thinking to give it a name. It was just those unfortunate times in between meals. Despite the hype, this diet is anything but new.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is unlike many other…

Super Charge Your Coffee

How Get The Most Out of Creatine

One of the most persistent questions around creatine is whether caffeine blocks it's absorption. Back in the early days, creatine was a common addition to many a lifters coffee, but today many avoid doing this to avoid mixing creatine and caffeine. What gives? Is there anything to avoiding two of the most scientifically back performance enhancers?

Well, there is something to it. One thing. The current fear over not mixing creatine and caffiene comes from one study in particular. As is often the case, wide circulation of this side study hit the mainstream and the rest is history. …

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